We have been trying to get in a camping trip but just so much going on in Sept.  We were finally able to schedule it in for Sept. 28th, for 4 days.   We went to the Savannah South KOA in Richmond Hill GA.  I had visited before and it was a nice little campground just a bit off the highway.   It was well shaded with trees, nice little store, playground, dogpark, pool and a small lake.   We decided to board the dogs as they do not play well with others and we could not get as remote as we can at the state parks.

We got set up and and had a great week.  Some nice walks, walking the birds at the lake, just very relaxing!   I went swimming one day.  The staff was very friendly and professional and they helped make the stay enjoyable.   We had some rain but for the most part, it did not dampen our good time.  We will definitely go back again.

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