G.OM.M. Stands for “Georgia On My Mind”, a series of RTE’s around the state of Georgia. For the curious, in the motorcycle world, a RTE stands for Ride To Eat.  Basically, someone calls one by announcing a date, time and location.  People then ride in to break bread and socialize and then ride home.  (sometimes great distances).

This series is called by my friend Darryl from the Atlanta area.  He used to call them quite regularly but it has now been 16 months.  A funny story about that, 2 years ago I was in Buffalo at a RTE and an IBA event and Darryl was also there.  Some of the guys were just learning that I was moving here to GA and Dan from Baltimore commented that when I got here that I needed to call a RTE.   I replied “Why do you think I moved here, Darryl has it covered.  (He nearly had one ever couple months)   I have been here now 15 months and this is the first one!

Yesterday, I rode out to a small town called Montezuma, to a place called Yoders.  It is an Amish restaurant in a very nice Amish community around Montezuma.

23482 yoders-restaurant-and-bakery-montezuma-ga

The turn-out was actually quite good, Darryl had a hard time getting an accurate couple but there were over 25 guests that road in.   It was my 1st time to Yoders, cafeteria style, home-made and delicious!  If you went away Hungry, it was your own fault.

I left about 6:15 am and took mostly back roads in.   I ignored the GPS for a bit and it got me to a lcoation, 4 way stop, and in all directions were dirt roads!   I can ride dirt on the BMW but not knowing where they would lead and having a time table (Lunch) I reversed direction which cost me about 20 miles and a 30 minutes or so.   I arrived around 10:45 am in time to socialize a bit before lunch.  Attending among others were my friends Ray (Jacksonville), David (Dade City FL), Kevin (Warner Robbins) and Dan (Lawrenceville GA).

Riding home, I took a more direct route, leaving at 1:15 and getting home about 4:30 pm.  A nice 400 mile riding day!

DSC04348 DSC04351 DSC04354 DSC04355 DSC04356 DSC04357 DSC04358 DSC04359

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