April Fools..

No April Fools here, just slow to catch up people!   Lyn and I are committed to getting this back up and functional.   This is a summary catch-up…….

Motorcycles – We added a BMW F-650 GS, 2011 to the stable.   It is a great little around town and quite able to handle off road (gravel and and dirt).   10438133_10205204911346412_1687997698582255138_n

I have not done any certificate LD rides since arriving but have ridden to:
Downsville NY in the Catskills
RTE (Ride to East) Dillard GA (NC Border)

Farmboys BBQ Columbia SC – There is a story with this one.  Anna Grechishkina from the Ukraine is traveling the world by motorcycle.  She met us at Farm Boys and then was a guest at my house for the next three days.


 IBA Pizza Party in JAX
Masters RTE at Sconyers BBQ in Augusta GA

Two riding trips to pick up tags in the Grand Tour of Georgia which I will expound on a bit later…

Photography – Still very active…   specializing of late in wildlife and much of my work can be seen on Facebook or my photo website patrickmcghie.com

Lyn has been busy too…   she has done lots of shopping for decorating both inside and out
of the house.  At this point, it is 95% the way we (She!) wants it.  🙂

Reading is a big hobby with her and she really does enjoy it.  She has the newest Kindle Fire Tablet for both reading and social media.  Linked to Amazon, she always has books at her disposal!  🙂

Crocheting – This is a new hobby for her.  She has taken one class and hoping to get more.   She enjoys it and has so far has made 2 scarves and an afghan.  She is just starting a scarf for her sister.

20150102_135912  20150304_112429  20150313_062650

She enjoys yard sales, flea markets and craft shows.  We have recently got on a mailing list for local estate sales and she has attended several of those.

Others – Started a Salt Water Reef Aquarium.   In the past we have had freshwater back in NH.
11096529_10206480079984831_7608030723668739956_o 11078075_10206480079904829_4149861059246235885_o 11058560_10206480080224837_31991510987042801_o 10842077_10206480080584846_5533003885828249290_o

We are also getting involved by volunteering with Georgia Rescue, Rehab and Relocate, an animal rescue group in Savannah…

Thats all for now folks….

Pat & Lyn….

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